Monday, April 4, 2011

Ash Tree Treatments

On April 16 and May 14, a group of volunteers will be treating ENB’s ash trees in the tree lawn between the sidewalk and the street in hopes of preventing an infestation of the destructive Emerald Ash Borer.

We’ve done extensive research and measured all of our street trees. We’ve had our treatment plans vetted and have received the go ahead from the city forester. The chemicals are purchased and now we need one more thing.... volunteers to help!

Please consider helping for just one hour, either on Saturday, April 16, or Saturday, May 14. We’ll divide into teams and quickly and efficiently treat each tree. You may want to volunteer just to learn how to do it (it’s easy) and then go home to treat the trees in your own backyard and/or those of your neighbors.

Chemicals for this North Broadway Street Association endeavor are being bought with private donations. Please consider donating by sending a check to Tom Daye, 350 ENB and specify Ash Trees on the check.

Cindy Colucy is coordinating--she would be happy to answer any questions.

P.S. Please keep pets away from street trees on those dates.
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